AJ Ruiz


“Every joke is a tiny revolution.” - George Orwell


In today’s America we need, more than ever, an artistic revolution. A revolution set off by laughter. One that disarms cognitive dissonance and fosters connection

I create in an attempt to deepen that very connection to others and myself.

Thanks for checking out my online portfolio. Take a look around to learn more about the variety of projects I have worked on in the past and what I'm excited about right now!

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AJ is currently working as the swing/understudy in Miami New Drama's historical, COVID-conscious, live theatre production of 7 Deadly Sins in Miami Beach. He has currently performed in the roles of Miran (LUST by Nilo Cruz), John C. Calhoun (PRIDE by Carmen Palaez), and Andre (ENVY by Hilary Bettis).

AJ was recently nominated as "Best Actor" for his performance in the short film 'Til Death at the international Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles. He was in the running with top performers from around the world, including Kevin Bacon.

Watch 'Til Death now ↓↓↓

Password is: short

Password is: short

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Selected Regional credits: 7 Deadly Sins (Miami New Drama), Beethoven Lives Upstairs (Orchestra Miami), Wynwood Stories (Juggerknot Theatre Company), The Words of Dead Men (Sandrell Rivers Theatre), Can't Live Without You (Willow Theatre); Selected FIU credits: A Midwinter Night's Dream, A Flea In Her Ear, and Ubu Rex.


In 2018, AJ graduated with his BFA in Theatre Performance from Florida International University.

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